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Trump VS Hillary

2016-09-27 21:47:19 by SirWaffleThe3rd

I have to write a paper on the Trump vs Hillary Debate. Ech.5702083_147502722762_Capture.png


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2016-09-27 22:17:25

Hillary is a liar and Trump is mentally unstable. Choosing between them is like this:
Imagine you're trapped, standing up to your neck in piss. Then someone comes to dump a bucket of shit on your head. Do you duck down under the piss? Or should you stand up and take on the shit?


2016-09-27 23:38:29

could i say something? first of all forget hillary shes lies through her teeth and trump is our last hope and hes right, we need to step up and vote for him i don't care what anybody says about him and hillary is lying and you know it.. im voting for trump and thats final


2016-09-28 00:54:36




2016-09-28 02:35:09

Hmmm let's get off topic and look at the toolbar/favorite sites "ROBLOX.COM" eh normal, "Minecraft Central" Still normal "Dance Moms Season" HOLY SHIT WE HIT A LANDMINE!

SirWaffleThe3rd responds:

I have a shared computer. The only favorite tab that I set is the Newgrounds tab.


2016-09-28 16:28:19

Forget about them. I'm voting for Gary Johnson no matter what.

How can people think these two are their only options? I also don't understand why people are saying that they'll be voting for the "lesser of two evils."

It's a bullshit excuse and LAZY to say that.

There are more candidates to choose from.

SirWaffleThe3rd responds:

I'm not even old enough to vote. I'm just writing this report because I have to.


2016-09-28 16:38:10

I'm sorry you have to write a report on them.

I just keep seeing comments like the ones I previously mentioned and it's getting old. I suppose seeing the comments on your post was a bit of a last straw for me.

Good luck with your paper! Maybe you should title it: "I'll give out my tax reports when you give out your deleted e-mails"


2016-10-16 05:44:14

You must've had a shitty time writing that